13 - WTF is an 'HR Business Partner'?

Tyson and Alexa go at it all by themselves on this one to try to uncover the world’s biggest mystery: What the actual f*ck is an HR Business Partner? A partner that supports the business?... A business that supports a partner?... HR for business partners? Ugh. Listen this episode to be entertained by our comical attempt to find the true meaning of the ever-elusive HRBP.

Release Date: September 14, 2021

[00:00:00] Speaker 1: Warning. This podcast is about the realities of working in people operations. This is not a stuck-up PC compliance-based or employment law podcast about stuffy, outdated HR practices. Shit will get real here, and we assume no responsibility.

[00:00:16] Speaker 2: Just another day in the office.

[00:00:18] Speaker 3: There's nothing better than like a bunch of [unintelligible 00:00:19] around the table and sharing these stories. We have this out-of-body experience in HR where you're like, I get you.


[00:00:26] Speaker 4: It's not that bad, it's not.

[00:00:28] Speaker 2: Coming [unintelligible 00:00:29] of that, this podcast will make you laugh.

[00:00:31] Speaker 1: This is the People Problems Podcast with Alexa Baggio and Tyson Mackenzie.

[pause 00:00:41] [00:28:31] [END OF AUDIO]

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