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Feb 1, 2023 Newsletter - EP 82: So You're Sleeping With A Coworker...

Times are weird folks... There ain't no denying it! We've kicked off a fresh year (some of us without alcohol 🥴) and while we started with a lot of optimism and renewed perspectives, RIFs continue and HR continues to take it on the chin. It sucks. But all is not lost, while the labor market continues to buck and change with each new market open, we must remember that some things (namely, humans) never change. So we're taking a minute to chat about office romance this week, because it happens. A lot. In an attempt to bring some levity to an already weird year, we're bringing you a taboo topic, some new tools, a beloved guest, and prayer for February to be... less weird.


You don't know it, but you are...



We've all done it... or at least Alexa has! This week we explore the juicy and taboo topic of office romances. The duo is joined by Jon Hyman - their favorite employment lawyer - for extra laughs and his solid legal POV to review the details of HR’s stickier situations. Whether the romance leads to marriage or becomes hot gos, navigating the office dating pool has its own set of rules. Get some 'based on real-life' advice on sh*ting where you eat, how to handle a colleague's advances, and some things to be careful of when you're bumping uglies with a coworker. This is real life. Don't miss out! Trigger Warning: adult content, violence




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ChatGPT has taken the internet (and quite possibly our jobs) by storm! Next week, Alexa and Tyson do their best to unpack and explain the creepy little bugger on everyone's minds and memes. Join them to discuss the implications of this new AI on the wonderful world of work and the future of our careers - HR or not - all while trying to decide if either of them passes the Turing test. ChatGPT did not write this description, not entirely anyway. Listen up!

New episodes drop Wednesdays!


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