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Jan 11, 2023 Newsletter - Who's In Charge of Your Career?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

And we're off!... 2023 has begin and the proverbial page has turned on a new year. That means, it's time for an important reminder: amidst all the resolutions and goals, you dear... are in charge of your own career.

This year we want to bring you a little closer to your desired self, improve HR for the better, and say f*ck along the way. Is that too much to ask? Saddle up, next week we have *pretty* big news.


Source: @hr.shook Damn it, Tyson... keep. it. together!


EP79 - Who's In Change Around Here Anyway?

Your career is in good hands... or is it?! The duo shares lots of thoughts and comedy on who is in charge of your career in this one. They talk turkey about speaking up, how to effectively communicate your needs, taking out the emotion and fear out of asking for more money, etc. Take your sh*t by the horns with this one, friends.


🤓 All New News for a New Year

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Whether or not you agree with HR's many methods... we can all agree that humans need better tools to be, well, human. With the rise of mental health awareness, an increasing conversation about ending work stress and anti-hustle culture on the rise - it's important to discuss... your intimacy issues. After much fanfare for their first 'Doc Club' episode, Alexa and Tyson review the new and popular documentary, Stutz, with lots of aggressive opinions to share. Give it go!


New Episodes Drop Wednesday!

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