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Jan 18, 2023 Newsletter - Documentary Club: Stutz + Our New Vibe is Live!

Our new vibe is live!... That 'new year, new vibe' stuff is true of us as well. Clichés aside, we hope you like our sexy new look, our new combined community, and our general desire overall to stay hot for you even in winter.

This week we take a new angle on a persistent topic - mental health - reviewed through the lens of Netflix' hottest new documentary: Stutz. It's an important new view on therapy, how we discuss our traumas, and maybe most importantly: the role of the therapist. Not HR, to be clear. If you like our new look and our format this week, please let us know - every little bit helps!


Everyone hates on the pizza party, but...



Whether or not you agree with HR's many methods... we can all agree that humans need better tools to be, well, human. With the rise of mental health awareness, an increasing conversation about ending work stress, and anti-hustle culture on the rise it's important to discuss... your intimacy issues. After much fanfare for their first 'Doc Club' episode, Alexa and Tyson review the new and popular documentary, Stutz. SPOILER ALERT: Tune in to learn how to build trust between people and take action with therapy all while enjoying an enthusiastic and expectedly riveting critique from your two favorite peeps.


Speaking of mental health support...

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Everybody knows that nobody 'likes' HR... and it's not all HR's fault. Tyson and Alexa connect with Chief Marketing Officer Matt Duffy to continue their favorite and heated debate about rebranding the profession, and discuss what makes good branding, bad branding, and where HR just... steps in it. Tune in next week for a good 'ol time.

New episodes drop Wednesdays!


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