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Jan 25, 2023 Newsletter - EP 81: The HR Brand & Branding HR

Sometimes it's hard to remember... that the brand of HR, and all the good it does, have not always been aligned and still aren't today. But is the brand holding the function back? Or is the function holding the brand back? It's important to consider this chicken/egg scenario as we discuss how to improve the efficacy of the HR function and try to move beyond the *eye roll* that is most commonly associated with the profession - or risk being eternally underappreciated.

This week we debate the HR brand, the importance of communications, and how to get HR out of HR's own way sometimes.

We've also, excitingly, launched our first batch of People Ops Society resources in our new library for your time-saving pleasure. Enjoy!


Damnit, Brenda...



Everybody knows that nobody 'likes' HR... and it's not all HR's fault. Tyson and Alexa connect with Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Duffy, to debate rebranding the profession, and to discuss what makes good branding, what makes bad branding, and where HR just... steps in it. Tune in this week as the discussion gets a little heated over what makes and breaks a brand, how HR can get more people to pay attention, why HR should be the marketing teams' best friends and the ins and outs of building a brand that people will 'bleed' for.


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Stop recreating the wheel! Along with our sexy new website, our People Ops Society library is now available to all our listeners, a la carte. Need a playbook template? Find dozens of templates, policies, and playbooks designed by fellow People pros in our new library! Or join POPS for access to all of our resources for free.



We've all done it... or at least Alexa has! Next week we explore the juicy details and sticky situations, that oftentimes become marriages, and make up the fun and risky landscape of sleeping with coworkers. We're joined by John Hyman, our favorite attorney, for good measure and some good laughs. Don't miss out!

New episodes drop Wednesdays!


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