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Mar 15, 2023 Newsletter - EP 87: So your colleague just died...

RIP SVB. Here we go again... Or so it seems. In the wake of the largest financial blunder since the 2008 financial meltdown, we must look on the bright side: at least the labor market and HR community get the week off from scrutiny for what feels like the first time in (maybe) years! No doubt, VCs and VC-backed companies are in a tizzy, and this will affect the labor market in ways we cannot yet foresee, but as with all things, we must maintain perspective. If you're reading this, we'll assume that means you've lived to see another day and we will collectively survive this as we have collectively survived all the insanity of life's many recent years.

This week we offer an important life reminder - to take a minute, get some perspective, and update your will.


No but seriously, if you need anything...



We're presenting a real tear-jerker this week, fam.

*Don't worry - everyone is fine here!*

While this topic sounds morbid and might not be the ideal water cooler convo to get you over the Wednesday hump, this sh*t happens and we're preparing you for it today. Tyson, Alexa, and their favorite lawyer, Jon Hyman, get grim and discuss death in the workplace and the details and intricacies you may find landing on your HR team. It’s not all death and darkness though, we promise this episode is insightful, educational, and hopefully, a bright spot in your day. You only live once kids, so listen up! Trigger Warning: adult language, death





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Being a leader is hard... being a 'servant leader' might be key to the strains of management. Tyson and Alexa sit down with a special guest to talk about how he has created years of loyalty in high-turnover environments including healthcare and retail and how the servant leadership philosophy has empowered him along the way.

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