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Mar 8, 2023 Newsletter - EP 86: It Could Be Worse (Toxic Positivity)

There's not enough 'realness' in HR. This whole industry seems perpetually clouded in ulterior motives, two-faced personas, backhanded compliments, and discipline masquerading as feedback sometimes.

It's no wonder that in an age of constant self-improvement, and positivity bordering on the verge of lunacy, HR can be pinned easily at fault for the shortcomings of corporate 'fake it til you make it' culture.

But this week we encourage you to consider praising People professionals for being the 'realist' people in the room. The good ones who hold a candle to our collective BS, who bridge the divide between corporate bullsh*t and employee entitlement, the people who help us process big opportunities and hard dismissals.

This week, and semi-ironically on International Women's day (another role shrowded dark clouds), on behalf of the unsung heroes, we tackle 'toxic positivity'...


The result of your toxic positivity...

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We've all been there. In fact, we’ve been programmed and reminded incessantly to do it… but it’s gross and we hate it. No rose-colored nada on this episode. Tyson and Alexa hold nothing back (as per usual) while they explore the insidious effects of toxic positivity on us all. Sometimes stuff just sucks, but not this episode - so give it a go. Trigger Warning: adult content, violence


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Your colleague just passed away... We know, we know. It sounds morbid and it is, but this sh*t happens. Next week, Tyson, Alexa, and their favorite lawyer Jon get grim and discuss death in the workplace. It is sure to be insightful, educational, and hopefully, a bright spot in your day. 🥴 You only live once kids, so listen up!

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