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This is not a podcast about work, but rather about humans at work, how to navigate them, and the incredible teams and people who (sometimes) swoop in to save the day.

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090 – Strive for Mediocrity (with Matt Abrahams)

“Strive for mediocrity”… is not the advice you’d expect from a Stanford professor, but it’s great advice. Alexa and Tyson tackle anxiety in communications, spontaneous speaking, channeling your message, and how to reduce the pressure of public speaking or speaking up with Matt Abrahams - professor of Effective Virtual Communication and Essentials of Strategic Communication at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. Turns out, if you strive for mediocrity, you can achieve greatness. Listen up to learn more!   

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The People Ops Society (POPS) is a highly vetted community for People Operations professionals to gather, grow, and transform our working world. Curious about what's included?

The Pops Pro Forum

Gather to discuss people-problems, solutions, and possibilities in a vetted, safe, and helpful community of Peeps

Readymade Resources

Policy templates, playbooks, and thought pieces from your POPS peers. Stop recreating the wheel. Our library has hundreds of resources ready for you.

Interactive Sessions

Expert and peer-led classes and webinars, break-out groups to brainstorm, and numerous mentor and mentee opportunities!



Love the honesty!

Alexa and Tyson are beautifully honest with their opinions and it is so refreshing (it also helps that they are genuinely good people). I’ve always had an interest in HR and I love getting the inside look at what HR departments deal with.

Practical with a side of sass

I work in benefits and People operations and it is so refreshing to listen to a podcast that talks about people and business in a real, unfiltered way. 

For the Toby Flendersons

I die at all their memes, polls, and their podcast episodes because they are SO relatable. (...), it feels so refreshing to hear shared experiences, frustrations, and annoyances from people that really know what actually goes into this profession!

5 Stars!

I was excited to listen to this podcast! The first episode was engaging and funny, while offering serious insight into the industry. I am changing careers and moving into the HR field, looking forward to listening and learning😊



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